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Influencer (New age of media monitoring)

Finding the trend of news on news outlets and social media is a hot topic nowadays. However, discovering what led to trending this news is a new topic. We are using NLP (Natural language processing) to discover what is behind and news or social media post that make it a hot top in specific graph of network. New media are being weighted using our dynamic algorithms and graphs will be generated. Our plat form allows users to have incredible flexibility in searching and visualising the raw data. This technology helps us to shape campaigns using the power of language and give insight to companies to manage the media crises. We predicts the what is behind different section of society and when opinion shift or simply what people think about your brand, company or your goods. These ideas are under constant research & developments. If you are interested be part of this research.

Our media monitoring tool identify the social conversations and influencers that impact your brand, company or your business. It supports variety of features that any PR company is looking for: Your story will be tracked in real time as it makes its way across the Internet. Our platform turns mentions into insight by monitoring and engaging with millions of hosts and many social media platforms. This technology enables us to extract great insight on how your online and social media coverage reaches an audience. Any news and material related to you will be collected then deduplication algorithm helps to understand how your news spread across the online media. Homonym algorithm is constantly screening all the news to extract most relevant material to your brand or company. The sentiment analysis using deep learning algorithm use integrated charts to show the impact of brand mentions across media. Using all the data collected, it generates detailed analysis of your coverage and it gives you fabulous report. To request a demo, please email us at
Who can use this platform?
  • Public Relations & Communications Professionals
  • Brand Managers & Customer Experience Teams
  • Corporate Strategy Professionals
  • Digital Marketing Professionals

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